Enjoy Summer with a Canoe or Kayak

Enjoy Summer with a Canoe or Kayak

May 24th 2018

One of the best ways to enjoy the last days of summer is by touring with a kayak or canoe. If you are into fishing, there are a whole new breed of “sit-on-top”, double-hulled kayaks specifically buil … read more

Your Bicycle Tubing is More Important Than You May Think

May 9th 2018

Does having an aero downtube actually matter on a bicycle frame? Hmmm...there's been a good deal of debate about that over the last few years, with two pretty distinct views on … read more
Racing Biclycle AeroDynamic Helmet

Racing Biclycle AeroDynamic Helmet

Apr 21st 2018

With the aid of these miracle computers I'm gonna try and explain some helmet info. In the picture below you can switch between two head positions and see an example of the flow pattern. Now play with … read more

Welcome To Midwest Multisport!

Apr 14th 2018

In the upcoming weeks we will be adding all types of outdoor events to our even calendar.