Abus Sinus Plus 230 USH D-Lock & Cable Set - ABSINP2312


Abus Sinus Plus 230 USH D-Lock & Cable Set

Abus Sinus Plus 230 USH D-Lock & Cable SetDouble pack that includes Abus Sinus Plus 230 USH D-Lock and Abus Cobra Cable Boasting a 'Sold Secure' silver rating, both the lock body and shackle are produced from specially developed hardened steel and incorporate the ABUS Plus key locking mechanism. The 12mm shackle protects against pulling tools and hammer attacks. Price includes the USH bracket which is one of the easiest to mount bracket systems on the market. Features:Abus Sinus Plus 230 USH D-Lock: Powercell Technology - the lock body secures each end of the shackle independently, thus increasing the lock's resistance to twisting, pulling, jacking and hammering Very cut-resistant 12mm-thick hardened-steel shackle Abus Plus locking mechanism with flat key - highly resistant to being picked Sold Secure Silver Award - tested by the Master Locksmith Association to resist a determined attack for more than 3 minutes. Supplied with frame-fit USH bracket Abus Cobra Cable The Cobra-Loop-Cables are a very useful complement for U-shackle, frame and padlocksCable locks stand out due to good flexibility and quite low weight This cable is available in various lengths and thicknesses The cable 10/200 is available in different colors: black, white, lime and purple High quality steel cable with two loop ends. PVC-coating to prevent damage. Additional security item to secure components. Multiple purpose cable for garden, house, leisure activities and work. Technical details: 8mm/120cmWeight: 294g Buy Abus Accessories