Pigman Half Ironman

1.2M SWIM - 56M BIKE - 13.1M RUN


This is at the same venue as the Sprint.  The triangular swim has you swimming into the sun on the first short section.  However the race has been delayed a couple of times because of dense fog.  Just bring both goggles.  The bike is an out and back with a long loop at the far side of the course.  The course has near continual long rolling hills.  Not ones you get out of your saddle on, but you know you are going up hill.  The weather has also brought the extremes.  Highs of 70 degrees, dry, windless and also 92 degrees, humid and windy.  The run is a real challenge.  Once you are out of the park the road is completely flat as it snakes through the Cedar River Valley.  There is one large hill at the turnaround and one large hill at the 11 mile mark as you enter back into the park.  Just when you think this sounds too difficult just remember the race is superbly organized.  There is always plenty of food, ice, water, and Gatorade at the 4 bike aid stations and 12 run aid stations.