Turtleman Triathlon

1K SWIM - 37K BIKE - 10K RUN

This race has won "Race of the Year" three of the last 5 years.  And that is because the committee wants to win race of the year every year.  The race has a perfect venue at the park on Turtle lake.  The water temperature hovers right at 78 degrees so wetsuit use is usually a race day call.  The swim is an out and back.  Bring your tinted goggles as the sun will be in your eyes as you head back to shore.  This is perhaps the only race you will do where you can ride in transition.  That is because there is a little hill at the edge of transition.  The bike is so flat, it is actually flatter than the swim.  The run is  a counter clockwise loop around Turtle lake with an out and back on the back side of the course.  Turtleman always has a ton of food so enjoy yourself while you wait for the awards and give aways.